Our Customers

With Value Based Purchasing, the potential users of Population Health Management or similar services are many. Value is enhanced by delivery of healthcare with higher quality and lower costs. Our strategy of combining traditional Chronic Care Management with Surgical Risk Management (which requires engaging patients with surgery risks in the Pre-Acute stages of their illnesses) improves traditional Population Health Management because it allows the management of a larger segment of the patient population, improving quality and reducing costs more.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), as well as other provider organizations who operate (or will in the near future) at least partially “at risk” under a variety of reimbursement models, including “Shared Savings” model, will benefit from our products.

Also Insurance Companies, Self Insured-Employers, TPAs, as well as other organizations who are fully (or at least partially) at financial risk as they underwrite the healthcare costs of their members or employees, will benefit from better controlling their expenses by use of our products.



PreAcute PHM, Inc.