Our Business Model

We identify patients with Chronic Diseases to create traditional risk pyramids. We also identify patients who are “At-Risk” of needing major surgeries in the future if no suitable clinical intervention is offered at the current time and create Risk Hierarchy lists.

The conventional Risk Pyramid is then combined with the Risk Hierarchy list to create a NEW Combined Risk Pyramid which then becomes the basis for improved Care Management & Population Health Management.

Our proprietary clinical predictive model AnaVis™ identifies the surgery risk patients and offers suitable case management protocols for early stage (preacute stage in this case) interventions. In the pre-acute stages of illnesses, patients are generally healthy enough to benefit from treatments at lower cost points.

Using AnaVis™ patient conditions may never escalate to the acute stages where it is more expensive to treat the same patient. Please see the illustration below.


PreAcute PHM, Inc.