AnaVis™ Family of Predictive Models

AnaVis™ – “Analytical Vision” is our family of clinical predictive analytics models to identify patients at-risk of needing future major clinical interventions. The minimum data set we need in order to make useful predictions is the Medical Claims data.

We find the “at-risk” patients before they are too sick to receive alternative early stage treatments. This can help avoid major acute care costs in the future. An examination of a single patient’s health line as shown in the illustration below, explains how an early-stage intervention can help improve the patient’s outcome as well as reduce the cost of care without lowering the quality of care.


The AnaVis™ family analyzes available data to identify each patient’s risks of needing any of the major surgeries or other interventions that:

(1) Are expensive to treat;

(2) Occur frequently; and

(3) For which, effective early stage alternate treatments are available.

The following are the areas where the AnaVis™ family are focused:

AnaVis™ – Low Back Surgeries   – Identifies patients at future risk of needing LBP surgeries

AnaVis™ – Orthopedic Surgeries – Identifies patients at future risk of needing knee, hip & other joint replacements

AnaVis™ – Cardiac Surgeries       – Identifies patients at future risk of needing CABG, Valve Replacements, Pacemaker implantation and other similar cardiac surgeries

AnaVis™ – Other Surgeries         – Identifies patients at future/continued risk of needing other major surgeries

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