PreAcute PHM, Inc. is a Predictive Analytics Software Company which supports the implementation of Population Health Management or other similar healthcare management initiatives to improve the quality of Patient Care while simultaneously lower healthcare expenditures, by use of our clinical data analytics platform and the proprietary predictive model family: AnaVis™.

In addition to supporting conventional Chronic Disease patient management, we offer additional management opportunities for “Preacute” clinical interventions for acute patients with Procedural or Surgical risks.

Patients with Surgical or Procedural risks in the Preacute stages of their illnesses are relatively healthy and can benefit from alternate, low-cost point treatments. Strategically selected treatments in these stages can often head-off surgeries and other major treatments in the future. This helps patients avoid considerable amounts of pain and suffering, as well as a risk of death, by virtue of the preacute intervention enabled through our services.
Enterprise healthcare organizations, such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), as well as traditional Insurance Companies, TPAs, Self Insured-Employers, Public & Private Exchanges, etc. can already benefit from these service.
Because of our emphasis on preacute interventions, we can take traditional Population Health Management beyond the conventional tracking and management of chronic patients. Ours is a second generation approach of identifying patients accurately to be at the preacute stages and then deliver advanced treatment protocols to more patients with more varied disease conditions. This increases the reduction of expenditure further. But this is not just about expenditure; it is also about patients, and providing improved clinical outcomes and quality of life. Our Predictive Data Analytics Solutions and associated clinical management protocols:

1. Identify early onset of serious diseases in members of a population which may lead to frequent, expensive surgeries or other major treatments in the future;

2. Identify patients with Chronic Diseases;

3. Construct conventional Risk Pyramids from Disease Registry created from the Surgical and Chronic Disease risk patients;

4. Combine Surgical & Chronic patients to create NEW overall risk pyramids; and

5. Facilitate appropriate clinical interventions to the afflicted members in order to arrest the progression of the diseases, treat them early and inexpensively – often for better long term results, and move them off surgical or other major clinical intervention paths.

Value based care has changed the landscape of healthcare management and delivery in the United States. The most important change has been the emergence of several new reimbursement models. The majority of these reimbursement models require healthcare facilities to substantially reduce operating costs without compromising the quality of care delivery in order to maintain their profitability. While not all healthcare costs can be eliminated, there are significant opportunities to reduce costs in specific areas, without lowering the quality of clinical care.
Current reimbursement models require providers and payers to continuously find newer ways to increase the reduction of expenditure. But this is not just about expenditure; it is also about patients and providing improved clinical outcomes plus the best possible qualities of life for them.

PreAcute PHM, Inc. focuses on areas of healthcare where there are not only large expenses, but also significant opportunities for savings without lowering the quality of care provided. Unless both of these conditions are present simultaneously, viable cost saving & better outcome solutions cannot be crafted.

Our initial products and solutions help create savings opportunities for our clients just such areas. By supporting traditional Population Health Management, we help lower the cost of managing patients who are suffering from one or more chronic health conditions. Further, we create significantly greater savings opportunities by enabling preacute surgical risk management. Patients who are at risk of needing surgeries in the future are very expensive to treat when they become critical and often do not receive most optimum health outcomes. But they are generally heathier in the preacute stages of their disease progressions. Low cost treatments at this stage can often head-off major future surgeries and improve patients quality of life. Our predictive models identify and locate such patients for action by our customers.

PreAcute PHM, Inc.