EarlyManage™ Family of Patient Management Software

The EarlyManage™ family of fully HIPAA compliant Patient Management Software has been designed to provide the care-management physician with suggested treatment options to choose from a set of clinically well researched and fully vetted treatment protocols when a patient is identified by HII’s family of predictive analytics software AnaVis™ to be at-risk of needing major treatments in the near future.

The EarlyManage™ family is designed to correspond one-to-one to the AnaVis™ family of predictive models. The highlights for some of the available solutions are:

The EarlyManage™ – Chronic Pain Management products have been developed by Nelson Hendler, MD, MS, former assistant professor of neurosurgery-Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, past president, American Academy of Pain Management, along with several of his colleagues and have been evaluated extensively for efficacy and accuracy by the researchers at Johns Hopkins University on over 100,000 patients. They include:

PPHM-PVT™ is a product for Predicting Validity of Chronic Pain. Patients can be directed to PPHM-PVT™ by AnaVis™, PreAcute PHM’s predictive analytics products, or directly by Physicians.

  • PPHM-PVT™ is based on statistical analysis of thousands of pain cases and continually refined
  • PPHM-PVT™ is an internet–based, detailed patient questionnaire administered to patients
  • Test is scored automatically to provide a set of probability-ranked diagnoses
  • Follow-up tests are recommended to rule in or rule out a specific diagnosis
  • A series of recommendations is made to the physicians for optimal therapeutics process

PPHM-DPTA™ is a product for Channeling Patients for Accurate Treatments. Patients who have validated Chronic Pain are generally directed to PPHM-DPTA™.

  • Chronic pain problems are misdiagnosed 40%-80% of the time.
  • “Sprains” alone account for 48% of claims.
  • Misdiagnosis costs millions of dollars a year in wasted medical treatment and delay of proper treatment.
  • Proper diagnosis and treatment can save money.

The EarlyManage™ – Back Pain Management is currently near completion

  • Predictive algorithms
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Early intervention
  • Evidence-based cost-saving treatment protocols
  • Rapid return-to-work


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