Our Customers

With Value Based Purchasing now firmly rooted into the US healthcare system, the potential customers for Population Health Management (PHM), especially that of Pre-Acute interventions are many. It is as if PHM is almost a part of the “DNA” of value based purchasing! It is expected that after 2018, there shall be no further volume based reimbursements, only value based. Value is enhanced via better delivery of healthcare with higher quality and lower costs by strategic deployment of PHM services. Our strategy of engaging patient in the Pre-Acute stages of their illnesses is especially powerful and gives rise to the most effective application of Population Health Management because patients at this stage are still relatively healthy and there are more alternate treatment options available.

Value Based Purchasing has given rise to new types of organizations for modern healthcare delivery who can take advantage of our services. This includes Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). These, as well as other provider organizations who operate (or will in the near future) at least partially at risk under a variety of reimbursement models, especially those who are operating under “Shared Savings”, will benefit from our products to help them better control their total cost of providing care without compromising the quality of services provided.

Also Insurance Companies, Self Insured-Employers, TPAs, as well as other organizations who are fully (or at least partially) at financial risk as they underwrite the healthcare costs of their members or employees, may benefit from better controlling their expenses by use of our products.

Public & Private Exchanges, as they provide value added services to their member companies, will benefit from incorporating our solutions to their menu items not only as a way to enhance their services, but to also avoid Cadillac Taxes by keeping cost escalations under tight control.

The illustration below will help clarify the benefits of Population Health Management.



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