Our Business Model

We analyze available clinical and other data to identify groups of patients who are “At-Risk” of needing major treatments in the future. Our AnaVis™ and EarlyManage™ families of fully HIPAA compliant products perform the tasks of identification and offering suitable treatment protocols as follows.

AnaVis™ identifies patients in the pre-acute stages of their illnesses. It is in the pre-acute stages when patients are still healthy enough to benefit from treatments at lower cost points.

EarlyManage™ delivers treatment protocols specifically tuned to the pre-acute stages of illnesses.

Using AnaVis™ & EarlyManage™ patient conditions may never escalate to the acute stages where it is more expensive to treat the same patient. Please see the illustration below.


The following illustration indicates how our two solution families work together to support the optimal management of patients:

PreAcute PHM, Inc.