AnaVis™ Family of Predictive Models

AnaVis™ (which stands for “Analytical Vision”) is our fully HIPAA Compliant family of predictive analytics software tools which are designed to use clinical data where and as available from: claims, pharmacy & drug utilization, EMR, Risk Assessment, Socio Economic, and all other relevant databases, to help our customers identify patients who are at-risk of needing major clinical intervention in the near future. The minimum data set we need in order to make useful predictions, however, is the Medical Claims data.

Because we find such “at-risk” patients before they are too sick to receive alternative early stage treatments, we can help avoid major acute care costs in the future. An examination of a single patient’s health line as shown in the illustration below explains how an early-stage intervention can help improve the patient’s outcome as well as reduce the cost of care without lowering the quality of care.


The AnaVis™ family analyzes available data to identify each patient’s risks of needing any of the major surgeries or other interventions that:

(1) Are expensive to treat;

(2) Occur frequently; and

(3) For which, effective early stage alternate treatments are available.

The following are the areas where the AnaVis™ family are focused:

AnaVis™ – Low Back Surgeries   – Identifies patients at future risk of needing LBP surgeries

AnaVis™ – Orthopedic Surgeries – Identifies patients at future risk of needing knee, hip & other joint replacements

AnaVis™ – Cardiac Surgeries       – Identifies patients at future risk of needing CABG, Valve Replacements, Pacemaker implantation and other similar cardiac surgeries

AnaVis™ – Chronic Pain               – Identifies patients at future/continued risk of needing clinical interventions for Chronic Pain

AnaVis™ – Mental Health              – Identifies patients at future risk of depression and other mental disorders, esp. connected with Chronic Pain

AnaVis™ – COPD & Lung Disorders – Identifies patients at future risk of COPD and other related disorders.

AnaVis™ – ESRD & Kidney Diseases – Identifies patients at future risk of major kidney diseases

AnaVis™ original development was completed in 2010 and has been in continuous clinical use since then to identify and target patients “at-risk” of surgery in the acute stages in order to offer various medical travel services.

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