Vision & Mission


Our Vision is to:

(1) Help to significantly lower healthcare costs without compromising the quality by use of patented Predictive Analytic Technology by supporting Value Based Care

(2) Recognize that strategic treatments in the preacute stages of the patients’ disease progressions can often head-off unnecessary surgeries and other major invasive treatments in the future.

(3) Recognize that patients normally do not get adequate medical attention in the preacute stages today – perhaps due to lack of commercially available tools to accurately locate such patients in these stages.

(4) With the above recognition, engage “second generation” solutions to find patients in the preacute stages by applying our patented Clinical Predictive Model, AnaVis™.

(5) Accurately identify the right patients in the right phases as above, to apply appropriate “preacute” treatments at low-cost points to avoid escalation of the diseases to acute stages when treatments are more expensive & more risky.

(6) Eliminate unnecessary risk, plus pain & suffering, experienced by patients.

(7) Significantly lower the cost of patient population management for healthcare enterprises operating “At-Risk”.


Our Mission is to:

(1) Help our clients identify those patients who are at future risk of needing major invasive medical treatments, including surgeries, at the preacute stages of their disease progressions

(2) Apply timely and appropriate clinical intervention where possible, to head-off surgeries or other major treatments in the future; and

(3) Offer clinically appropriate treatment choices tailored to the patients’ phases of illness.

PreAcute PHM, Inc.