Strategic Partners

Founded in 1975, Healthwise is focused on developing consumer health content to help people make health decisions that are right for them. Healthwise is leading a new trend in health care—information therapy. With Healthwise Information Therapy, hospitals, health plans, and disease management companies can give consumers the right information at just the right time, to help them make better health decisions.

Actian transforms Big Data into business value for any organization―not just those with considerable resources. Actian provides transformational business value by delivering actionable insights into new sources of revenue, business opportunities, and ways of mitigating risk with high-performance in-database analytics complemented with extensive connectivity and data preparation.  Actian Analytics Platform delivers extreme performance with off-the-shelf hardware, overcoming key technical and economic barriers to broad adoption of Big Data.  Actian also makes Hadoop enterprise-grade by providing high-performance ELT, visual design, and SQL analytics on Hadoop without the need for MapReduce skills.  Among tens of thousands of organizations benefiting from Actian are innovators using analytics for competitive advantage in industries such as financial services, telecommunications, digital media, healthcare, and retail.

PreAcute PHM, Inc.